9:00AM - Time of Focus

Our worship starts in the main assembly with a short time set aside to center our hearts and minds on worshiping God. We will utilize songs, prayers, scripture, and devotionals to help us fade out our concerns of the world so that we can bring into focus the things that matter more.

9:30AM - Bible Classes

Afterwards, we will break into age-based bible classes. Adults will stay in the main assembly while young adults and children will go to their respective classrooms.

10:25AM - Worship

We will return the main assembly for traditional worship in song, prayer, sermon and scripture. We will take part in the Lord’s Supper to remember the sacrifice our Lord made on our behalf.

Sunday PM

On the 1st Sunday of every month we provide an opportunity to fellowship with the entire church body together. This may take place immediately after services or later in the afternoon or evening, and is not limited in form or location.

On the 3rd Sunday of every month we will celebrate our Lord with song. This will normally take place at 5pm.

All other Sunday evenings may be utilized by small groups, individual or group Bible studies.

Wednesday PM

7:00PM - Bible Study

Bible Classes for all ages are available followed by a short exhortation.