Eddie Arrington

Eddie and Sharon Arrington have worshipped at Southside since 1983. Eddie became a Deacon in 2001 and an Elder in 2007. Eddie and Sharon have lived in Jacksonville their entire lives. They married in 1977 and have two adult children, Kyle and Katie. Eddie is owner of Arrington Lumber and Pallet Co.


Jason Campbell

Jason was raised in a gospel centered home by Van and Linda, with his sister Christy. Originally from Beaumont, Jason’s family moved to Bullard, Texas in 1983 and he was baptized into Christ in 1984. He and Cindy married April 7, 1990 and are blessed with two beautiful girls, Sarah Grace and Katie Elizabeth. They own Campbell Custom Homes, Inc.


Luke Smith

Luke has attended Southside all of his life. He became a deacon in 2001 and has served as treasurer since. Luke was appointed as an Elder in 2016. He and his wife, Mollie, have been married since 1995; they have four children, Jolie, Rhett, Kate, and Maecy.


Rick Turner

Rick and his wife Barbara were married in 1981 and located to Jacksonville. Rick was gently led to the Lord by his wife and was baptized into Christ in 1985. Rick has served as a Deacon at Southside since 2007, and recently assumed the privilege to serve as an Elder (2016). Rick and Barbara have three adult children.



Kyle Arrington

Kyle grew up in Jacksonville and has been attending at Southside most of his life. He and his wife Lauren were married in 2011, and they have 2 children; Emelie and Elliot. Kyle was appointed to deacon in 2018. He is the President of Arrington Lumber & Pallet Co.


Dean Dublin

Dean and Jill Dublin have been attending Southside since childhood. High school sweethearts, they were married in 1998. After college, Dean and Jill moved to the Dallas/Plano area where they lived for 11 years. While there, Dean served as Deacon at Spring Creek Church of Christ for a number of years. In 2011 they moved back to Jacksonville. Dean and Jill have three children: Jackson, Julianna, and Walker.


Tony McLeroy

In 1957, Tony’s mother and father were among the families that started Southside Church of Christ. Tony and his wife Sheryl were married in 1984. They have two adult daughters, Carrie and Katie. Tony was selected as a Deacon in 2011.


Brian Reuter

Brian grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota. He and Valerie were married in 2006 while living in Colorado and relocating to Texas in 2010. Brian is the Research and Development Manager at Sadler’s Smokehouse in Henderson TX.  Brian and his wife Valerie began worshiping with the Southside congregation in 2014, and he was appointed to Deacon in 2018. They have 3 children; Cody, Avery, and Barron.


Mark Stark

Mark and his wife Judy began worshiping with the Southside congregation in 2016. He was appointed to Deacon in 2018.